How to Acquire a Casino Rate

Perhaps the most popular comp or freebie offered by a casino is the free room given to players. To avail of this service, one needs to have played enough games to have the sufficient rating. If you are a new guest at the casino, getting a free room could perhaps be too troublesome: most of the time one needs to spend a whole day playing in mid to high stakes tables. Your best option would be to avail of casino rates.

Casino rate is the term used to describe the discounted room rates of a casino. This is opposed to the rack rate, which is the original price of staying at the rooms. Casino rates range from 25%-50% off the rack rate, which means that you get to save a lot. This is a promotional tool used by the casino, since by staying more, you tend to play more.

Before you make your trip to the casino, make sure you inquire how to acquire the casino rates by phone. Try to talk with a casino host, and ask about how you could avail of the discounted room rates and other comps. Some generous casinos would already book you with a casino rate. Otherwise, it would still be fairly easy to avail of one.

Most often, casino rates are immediately offered if you sign up for a players' club card. Signing up for a players' club card would be beneficial too, since most good comps could only be acquired if you have one.

Other casinos give out the casino rate only after you have acquired a certain rating. This is usually a few hours of play, so there would really be no trouble. Just consider it as if you are getting paid by playing.

If you checked in with the rack rate, do not worry. Most casinos would offer a rebate or adjust your rates if you qualify for the casino rate later. If you intend to stay in a casino for a while and play a lot, chances are you could get a free room.

If for some reason you couldn't get the casino rate or know that you will have a hard time getting one, shop around for other options. Look for casinos which would offer you the best value for your money. Who knows, a casino might offer you a free room with the same amount of play that would only avail you a casino rate in another establishment.

And always remember, before you check out, talk with the casino host. They will gladly look up if you have played enough to increase the discount of your room or even avail a free room. By availing the casino rate, not only have you saved money, you will also surely enjoy your stay.

Last Updated2008-10-30
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