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Gambling is known to many Asians as a big and important part of their culture and comes in many forms. Though the act of gambling in itself, can be looked down on, and often times, antagonized in many of these Asian societies, it cannot be denied that despite the gambling activities being branded as illegal by the local governments, they still cannot take away the fact that such gambling activities are and always will be practiced by the locals in the area.

In a massive country like China for instance, where gambling practices are completely illegal, it cannot stop the local Chinese population from subscribing to and sometimes, being fanatical about such activities, despite actions taken by the communist government in taking away what they would consider to be a social vice. Gambling games like Mahjong, has not only originated in China, but because of its growing popularity, has spread over the years towards other Asian countries like the Philippines, and then afterwards, has found its way even to the western world. Once you get a knack for the game, there is just no stopping it!

A first world country like Singapore as well, is now opening its doors for tourism gambling, and enticing more and more investors to open up casinos and various gaming houses, even though gambling activities have been illegal in that country until the year 2005. This brought about more tourists in Singapore, and led to the opening of many shopping establishments, as well as hotels and restaurants. Casinos have spread sporadically in the area. And over the years, the gambling industry has brought a lot of benefits to the countries tourism as well.

In most Asian casinos, oriental influence can be found as a number of typically Asian gambling games are present in many of the casinos in Asian countries. Certain card games which are variations of poker like Pai Gow, are added to the many choices of gambling games that customers can find in these casinos. Making use of tiles to play the game Mahjong, for instance, instead of using cards, is a very common Asian characteristic! Another game not commonly found in the western casinos is a game called "Sic Bo", which is a combination of the dice and roulette game.

Gambling is, and always will be a big thing and source of entertainment in Asia because of its long line of history, as it is a traditional part of Asian culture itself. It is no surprise that gambling in Asia is slowly becoming a big business.

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